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Karlin Khairuddin Wedding December 2003

Pictures by Sudin (At the beginning and end of the report), Report by Bahar Mansor

Dear members

For once in our gettogether I was totally secluded from the group of c66. I was compelled to sit in a seperate table meant for other MCOBA members. Apparently the tables meant for c66 was occupied by 3 other souls meant for us c66 but he read it upside down ,it became c99, so this junior of ours did not move so being the co usher with Sudin Basri and Dzul Zain I had to occupy the MCOBA seats.On my table were Dr Bahari , its really easy to remember him because I only need to add "I" to my name and that's him, On my right was Zul ( junior) and on my left was Raja Razlan ( BOW).

Honestly it can be bored when you are so near and yet so far away , just to be listening to the more than often laughter of those on the next 5 tables. But I told myself " Sabar sajalah", like my best friend used to tell me " Sabar itu adalah separuh daripada iman". Anyway I enjoyed their company regardless. What more Bow and Zul are smokers, so after the hefty dinner, we adjourned outside to polute the fresh air.

ASK is totally best MC squared ( Malay College Master of Ceremony). Tentang Syaer tu I think it is a matter of time that ASK will perfect it( after all he was a prefect). So the next wedding reception ASK ( anak sapa tak tau lagi) will live to its full colour ( just like the colours of the samping that the 2 of us wore for the night.)

For Lan and Lin take the advise from uncle ASK but foermost turn to your FAMILY ( Father and Mother I Love you) if both of you can't settle any minor or major dispute. I agree fully with my best friend Charlie that Rosly was the best dressed person, how Olly had growned up? Songkok Me'el tu need change, we could see his white and black hairs protruding from the front of the forehead. Honestly I wonder whether his songkok had shrunk or Me'el heads (top and bottom) had outgrown the songkok. Could it be the side effect of the India mari viagra.

For once I observed that Ridzuan and Roy didn't arrive together, and accordingly Charlie would have put Ridzuan as the best dressed person if it was a Church wedding reception.

Pak Din,

Bow is totally very impressed with you. This was the out come of the last MCOBA concert. He admired your vast reservoir of energy , he wasnt't sure about your age. So I put my Maths to test and I put your age to just about crossing 54. Bow was totally impressed because during the no practise session ( he termed it so because, your group wasn't really doing the practise but it was more an arguing and quarelling seession,until the group commissioned a chereographer to settle the right steps and dance movement to follow) , whatmore with your press sessions and mount Kilimanjaro climb to contend with. Deep inside my heart I know for sure that would happen any way, but in the end it was the product that matters.ASK put the matter to rest when he mention that you are a Captain in the Engineers Corp, so Bow knew that being a Captain ( not retarded or retired)you are sure to have more energy than him. He is looking forward to you to still lead the Pancasitara group for the next and next year.

I managed to have a very brief but meaningful cit cat with all our c66 members that night. An opportunity that comes once awhile.For the fotos , I saw Sudin Basri, Hamid Ibrahim and Me'el taking a lot of shots. Hopefully it will be in the enet in a shortwhile . It was rather unfortunate that our NIKA production house could not be around to capture the ceremonious event.My doubt is I will not see Me'el punya gambaq , dari dulu lagi dia selalu lupa nak bubuh film.We can only see the hard copies saja.

For Lan and Lin again,

Ask your father to get the Tan Sri P Ramlee diskett on the song that your father was about to sing. Both of you can do the duet together and many things can be learned from the songs. After all music is your family's heritage.


bahar mansor